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Questions and Answers on B2B Transport Accounting

On 23.6.2014 the prices and the method of charging for B2B transport of ordinary parcel shipments up to 30 kg / parcel were changed. Descriptions of individual transports can be found on the page Delivery methods in the Czech Republic (valid for CZ business partners) and Sale of goods to Slovakia (valid for SK business partners).

Below are answers to the most common questions.

Why is the total price different in the order sent from the e-shop and on the invoice?
At the time of order placement, the actual shipping costs cannot be determined. The shipping cost is charged according to the current price list additionally according to the number of packages.   

At what order amount do I get free shipping?
The discount, whereby free shipping was available for orders above a certain value, has been cancelled as of 22.6.2014.
The shipping price is always charged additionally according to the valid price list and the actual number of packages ready for dispatch.   

When and where can I find out the final price of my order?
As soon as we have handed over the shipment to the carrier, we will send information about the price and the package number to your email. You can also find the information in your account administration in the e-shop. If you want to be informed in another way (e.g. by phone), please contact us. In case of payment in advance, we will send you an advance invoice to your email.  

Can I pay online by credit card?
The option of immediate payment immediately after the order has been closed by credit card via a payment gateway has been cancelled. The reason for this is that the shipping price is only determined at the time of packing (depending on the number of packages). Additional routing to the payment gateway is not possible.  

Why were the goods split into multiple packages?
Our aim is to ensure that the ordered goods are carefully packed and shipped in as few parcels as possible, thus keeping the shipping cost to a minimum. In some cases, however, it is not possible to ship the goods in one package even if the total weight of the entire shipment does not exceed the maximum shipping weight per package specified by the carrier. A typical example of mismatched goods is, for example, 1 masterbox of shisha coals and 10 glass bongs.   

Why am I being charged a shipping cost that is not in the price list?
Each carrier has a package shipping policy for that service. These mainly include the maximum weight and maximum dimensions of the shipment. If the goods being shipped do not meet these conditions, they cannot be shipped by the service. In our offer, the goods do not meet the shipping conditions of the basic parcel services e.g. Murra Furniture. In the case of an order for these goods, the shipping price is calculated individually based on the current prices of the carrier and the size of the shipment - we always find the cheapest option for shipping your shipment. We will advise you of the shipping price before the shipment is sent.  

Parcel x Pallet?
There may be occasions when, due to the weight or nature of your shipment, it may be more appropriate and cheaper to use a different mode of transport. In this case we will contact you with a proposal for a better solution.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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