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Tibetan Flags and Pennants

Tibetan flags are not flags, but prayer flags, densely described with mantras and buddha teachings. These flags are flown at prominent places, mountain passes and mountain tops. Tibetans believe that the flowing air reads the mantras and sacred texts on the banners and carries them away.

And how else to get the right atmosphere than with scents! Light some incense sticks, specifically Tibetan sticks.

The Tibetan flag, formerly used as the Tibetan battle flag, was established in 1954 by the Dalai Lama IX as the official flag of Tibet. Just four years later, after the great anti-Chinese uprising in Lhasa, the flag was banned throughout Tibet and China, that is, throughout the PRC (except Hong Kong). The Tibetan flag thus became a symbol of the struggle against the suppression of human rights and freedoms, a symbol of the struggle against violence, oppression and injustice. Every year, on the anniversary of the anti-Chinese uprising (10 March), the Tibetan flag is flown around the world. This action serves as a show of solidarity and compassion for the Tibetan people.

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