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About Us

The Orient Paradise. The Hookahs Oasis. The Seventh Heaven of Smokers.

It all started with a dictionary in my pocket, a backpack on my back and a ticket to India. In the early 90s, there weren't really many other options. The journey to explore and discover the mysterious world of Eastern cultures brought with it tremendous experiences and spiritual epiphanies. This was followed by visits to Nepal, Tibet and other countries of the Orient. And it was this journey that gave birth to SHANTI - the paradise of the Orient, the oasis of hookah and the seventh heaven of smokers.


"The term shanti comes from Sanskrit, one of the oldest languages. Translated, it means tranquility or peace. I was named so by a spiritual master during my stay in an Indian ashram. It is peace or harmony that permeates the entire SHANTI brand and all the products we import.."

Libor Sádlík, Founder a CEO


SHANTI travels

One time Nepal, another time India. Since SHANTI's inception, we've been travelling the world, bringing its greatest beauties to you. Here you will find gifts, souvenirs and items to make every day in these countries more enjoyable:
  • India
  • Nepal
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Japan
  • Egypt
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Russia

...and others.
We personally supervise the quality of the products. Statues, clothing, esoteric decorations and more are selected locally in countries such as Bali, India and Nepal.
We participate in the biggest pipe fairs. We present the Czech hookah scene to the world and import the best for you.

SHANTI helps

We Help Shisha Bars

In the spring of 2020, we created a project to support hookah businesses that had to close for long periods of time during the coronavirus pandemic. Together with the hookah community, we were able to help 39 bars and lounges from all over the Czech Republic get through the difficult time.


Centrum Mozaika

The Mozaika Leisure and Education Centre has created a unique creative environment for children and families with children in the village of Lutopecny near Kroměříž. The centre received from us a gift of Tibetan bowls.




In the summer of 2021, a devastating tornado hit South Moravia. We joined other contributors on the donate.cz website and organized a donation appeal Pipe Makers for South Moravia. We managed to raise CZK 29,400 to help the affected municipalities.


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„obchod max. odporucam. velmi mila komunikacia a ochota.plus neskutocne krasny tovar z nepalu.dorucenie extra rychle.dakujem vam“
Verified customer před 8 dny
„Došla korunka, která byla prasklá.Reklamace proběhla bez problémů a v příjemném duchu. Super osobní přístup a perfektní rady co vybrat.“
Verified customer před 23 dny
Jako vždy. Opravdu rychlé doručení. Tentokrát i rychlejší a po druhém nákupu i možnost poslání do zásilkovny či balíkovny. Mile mě to překvapilo.
Verified customer před 28 dny