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Supply of goods to another EU Member Country, based on the Value Added Tax Act No. 235/2004 Coll., as amended, § 64 paragraph 5

Dear Customers,

The laws of our country and your country (both EU member states) have tightened the proof that goods supplied to another member state and exempt from VAT are supplied to a taxable person registered in the country of supply and are actually delivered to that country.

Our company uses DPD to transport the goods and thanks to the documents we have from them we can prove the delivery to another Member State directly on the spot without any problems and so we can issue an invoice when we ship the goods where the delivery is already exempt.

However, if you come to collect the goods and wish to take them away, we require PROOF that the goods have been delivered to the country where you are VAT registered.

We enclose the report we will require to prove that the goods were actually shipped and the location in the state where you are registered for VAT.

The confirmation must be verifiable in the sense that there will be documents to prove receipt at the location and clearly identify the person who will confirm this fact and provide the proper documents proving receipt at the warehouse - typically a warehouse receipt.

Should it not be proven that the goods have been delivered to their destination in the event of a failure to document, or perhaps even a false declaration, please note that in this case you will bear all costs associated with this breach, such as VAT surcharge, penalties for breach of duty, interest for late payment, etc.

And because we will not know at the time of delivery whether you will export the goods, we will collect a VAT deposit from you at the time of delivery at the basic rate of VAT on the price of the goods ( 21% as at 1 June 2020), which you would probably have paid if you had not exported the goods. In view of the ambiguity in the determination of the rate of tax, we have opted for a deposit, i.e. the standard rate on all goods supplied, although some parts of the supply may be subject to a reduced rate.

Only after proper proof of delivery to the destination in the state where you requested the delivery ( you must be VAT registered in that state and you must purchase under that VAT number) will this security be refunded to your account.

In view of the complications this regulation brings to all of us, we urge you to consider importing with our shipping company. In this case we will avoid a lot of unpleasant procedures and considering the time it will take us and you, we think that in the end this way of delivery will be cheaper.

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