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How to Pay by Credit Card Online

You can now use a modern and hassle-free way to pay for goods by credit card in our online shop. Acceptance of payment cards is done online through the ČSOB payment gateway.


The CSOB payment gateway provides services for accepting Visa, Visa Electron, Visa VPAY, MasterCard, Maestro and DinersClub cards. Online card payment is secure with ČSOB. The merchant will never know your card number and all transaction data is stored in the bank's secure environment.

The payment gateway's communication with clients is secured by https protocol. Communication with merchants is signed using electronic certificates to ensure the trustworthiness of the communication. Thus, the payment gateway is sure that it communicates with the merchant and at the same time the merchant receives a transaction confirmation signed by the bank. The online card transactions themselves are secured with 3D-Secure technology.

3D-Secure is an online card transaction security system. Sensitive payment data is processed only by the bank and at the same time the customer has to confirm the transaction, e.g. by means of an SMS code. The technology is also known under the commercial names MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa.

3-D Secure


How does card payment work?

The CSOB payment gateway is fast and secure for all parties involved. The cardholder makes a purchase in an online shop and requests payment by credit card. The payment request is transmitted by the merchant to the CSOB Payment Gateway system. The cardholder then fills in the payment card details and confirms the payment request. The CSOB Payment Gateway system authenticates the cardholder using the 3-D Secure standard. If the authentication result allows the payment process to continue, the CSOB Payment Gateway sends a request to authorise the transaction. If the authentication result does not allow to continue, the payment process is stopped. The authorization request is forwarded by the clearing bank via interbank networks to the card issuer. The issuing bank authorises the transaction and transmits the result back to the CSOB payment gateway system. The CSOB payment gateway system delivers the payment result back to the online shop, which displays the transaction result to the cardholder.

Which cards and in which currency can I pay?

The CSOB Payment Gateway provides services for accepting Visa, Visa Electron, Visa VPAY, MasterCard, Maestro and DinersClub cards. The service is intended for CZ customers who buy in CZK, as well as for foreign customers who buy in EUR.



Just because you have a supported card type, it does not guarantee the possibility to pay online! Internet payment must also be supported by your bank. If you are not sure, check with your bank before using your card for the first time for internet payment. Require your card issuer to further enhance payment security with one-time 3D Secure authentication (e.g. by SMS, as with e-banking transaction confirmation).

Please make sure that your card has an active internet payment option before making a payment.

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