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Why Shanti


Praise ourselves, or not to praise ourselves? That is the question. Brief information about the history of Shanti and what our company is engaged in you find on the “About Us“. Therefore there is no need to discuss in detail where we have moved in the past twenty-three years. Nevertheless, we still have to write something here.


Have you heard of Inter-Tabac? It is the world’s largest trade fair of tobacco and all kinds of smoking accesories – from lighters, e-cigarette, cigar cutters up to, obviously, hookahs. And hookah stuff is the exact reason why we have been coming to Dortmund annually for many years. We gather the news here, build up cordial relations with our business partners from around the world, discuss the conditions, we require, we offer. We are as close to tobacco and hookah companies as we can be.

We exclusive represent brands for the Czech and Slovak markets. Those brands imply tobacco, incense, cigarette papers etc.. Okay, now we are showing off little bit. We simply want to say that Shanti is in the world of smoking and oriental products the name. Naturally. We have been importing spiritual goods for over two decades, the smoking goods for more than 15 years. And withing that time you earn some experience already.

We wonder if it is worth to highlight our moral values and principles of cooperation with domestic and foreign partners and customers. After all, fairness, keeping the agreements, expert advice, individual approach – we take all for granted. We will always try to suit your requirements. And it should obvious after all. Or not?

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