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If you are interested in trading our goods or enlarging your assortment with attractive stylish goods from the Orient, we are here for you. Our assortment ranks from smoker’s gear to an offer of authentic analogies to things of everyday use and ritual objects of ancient nations. Everything in wide choice, of very good quality and price.

We offer our wholesale partners the following ways of cooperation:
buying goods in cash
buying goods on invoice – for regular business partners
personal collection, shipment via courier company or delivery of goods by our sales representative
more customer price levels and individual pricelists according to purchase amounts
production and import of custom-made goods, according to customer’s requirements

If you like our offer, please read our Business Conditions and contact us at given numbers and addresses.

You can also shop wholesale on-line. You must register to view current wholesale prices. If you have any troubles filling in the form, please contact us by phone on (+420) 543 25 48 47, or by e-mail. You will be informed on your access activation by e-mail.

We look forward to cooperating with you!

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