31. 1. 17

So how do you like it?

We’re new! Web has finally got the new look. Its design comes from our e-shops, which we redesigned last April.

Just after you visit the main page, you´ll see opening slides that are followed by three boxes. These represent particular categories of the brand new blog. And it is the blog that is probably the main change of the whole web. Now you can browse through news from the area that interests you most. Articles are categorized into three main groups:

Oriental goods – this part is quite clear, if you’re interested in tea, incense, esotericism, you’re in the right spot.

Shisha & Smoke – only a smoking section; All for fans of hookahs, tobacco, cigarettes, bongs, etc.

Shanti Info – up to date information from Shanti; Here, you can find changes in opening hours, whether we are looking for new colleagues or that we redesigned the website.

Other changes seem, in comparison with the blog, rather cosmetic, yet, for better clarity, no less important. If you are up to getting into any of our e-shop directly, you no longer have to fumble around and look for the link in every nook and cranny. Whether you are on the main page, in the category of blog, or even inside the article, you always find the e-shop button in the header of the site, right next to quick contacts.

We hope you will be satisfied with the new look. And if you have any suggestions, comments or, perhaps, only want to say couple of nice words, you may use, among other things, the contact form that you find in “contacts”.


31. 1. 2017

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